Video: teenager with severe back pain can barely walk, but look at him again after 10-day therapy

April 25, 2019 Updated: April 25, 2019

A Chiropractor transforms the life of a teenager who is in terrible agony with back pain and a dead leg. Muntathar is 17 and from the United States. He hobbles into the treatment room of the Chiropractor, hunched over in severe lumbar pain. Unable to move about, he has been in bed for 3 months. The pain came on suddenly after he pulled out a tree root.

As the Chiropractor uses a sharp instrument to press against Muntathar’s foot, he is unable to feel any sensation. Muntathar sought help from many professional doctor’s but, was turned away by each one as they were too afraid to touch him. In desperation, Muntathar decided that his one last hope was Gonstead Chiropractic clinic in Australia. Dr. Ian decides to help Muntathar.

As Muntathar lays on the bed, it is clear to see that he is in agony. The doctor asks if he can handle the correction and if he should continue. Muntathar allows the doctor to get to work. Cracks can be heard as the doctor makes some corrections to Muntathar’s spinal column. A loud crack can be heard and the movement seen on the screen as Muntathar screams out in pain. The doctor reassures the boy. Muntathar gets up from the bed and takes a few steps to release the fluid from the joint.

On day 2 of therapy, the Chiropractor gets to work on Muntathar’s head and neck muscles, moving them in different positions whilst loud cracking can be heard. It is day 4 of therapy and already the boy looks as though he is walking better. As therapy continues, the boy starts to grow in height as his back straightens. Watching Muntathar receive treatment is an incredibly emotional journey especially when he can finally walk with a straight posture. Muntathar is an inspiration and seeing him and his father go through this ordeal, but come out the other side is amazing. Now Muntathar wants to be a Chiropractor so he can help other people.

Credit YouTube: Chiro Core | YouTube  ChiroCoreMedia | Facebook