Ted Cruz’s Campaign Brain on What Americans Actually Care About: Jason Johnson

June 28, 2019 Updated: July 6, 2019

Just how reliable are polling numbers?

How important a role will the ”persuadable electorate,” or genuinely non-partisan voters, play in the 2020 elections?

And what do President Donald Trump’s current approval numbers mean for 2020?

Jason Johnson, the chief political strategist for Senator Ted Cruz’s 2016 presidential campaign, sat down for an interview in New York City with Epoch Times senior editor Jan Jekielek. Johnson played an important role in Cruz’s election and re-election to the United States Senate. Today, he is the CEO and founder of J2 Strategies, a political consulting firm based in Austin, Texas.

They discuss the 2020 election, the Democratic field of candidates, the role of the media and polls, and the key issues that will decide the 2020 election.

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