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Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty at the Concertgebouw

North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra
Christian Baldini, conductor
Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam – February 18, 2018

Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky – The Sleeping Beauty (Selections from the Suite & Ballet)
00:36 Suite Op.66a no.1 Introduction, La fée de lilas
5:32 Ballet Op.66 No.28b Adagio
10:03 Suite Op.66a no.3 Pas de caractere – Le chat botté
12:25 Suite Op.66a no.4 Panorama
14:58 Suite Op.66a no. 2 TH 324 Pas d’action: Rose Adagio
21:01 Ballet Op.66 Act III no.22 Polacca
25:15 Ballet Op.66 Act III no.21 Marche
28:46 Suite Op.66a no.5 Valse

This video is an abridged version, showcasing only the musical excerpts of the concert. This concert performance featured renowned Dutch actress Georgina Verbaan in a new production by Reggie Naus, stage directed by Kiki Jaski.

Het Noord Nederlands Orkest (NNO; English, North Netherlands Symphony Orchestra) is a leading, forward-thinking symphony orchestra based in Groningen. The orchestra performs at the highest level both exciting new programmes, as well as traditional symphonic repertoire. We believe that nothing surpasses a live classical music concert, with the contact that is made between the orchestra and its audience.

The NNO was founded in 1862, making it the oldest professional symphonic orchestra in The Netherlands. The NNO offers vibrant symphonic music to the three Northern provinces, with roughly 120 concerts per season in concert halls, the open air, during festivals and at schools. In addition, the orchestra regularly performs at theatres elsewhere in the country, including The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht and theatre De Doelen in Rotterdam

Christian Baldini – conductor & composer –


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