Tado ‘Arvin’ Jimenez Dead in Bus Crash: ‘Strangebrew’ and ‘Bontoc’ Host Remembered for Witty Quotes

February 7, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Tado Jimenez, a famous Philippine comedian was one of 14 people who were killed when a bus bound for Bontoc fell into a ravine on Friday.

Jimenez was identified through his driver’s license, police said.

He posted several photos on Instagram before he boarded the bus, including one where he joked that he would die soon and another of the bus.

Jimenez was 39.

He first became well-known while hosting television programs, including “Strangebrew” on UNTV and “Bontoc” on ABS-CBN.

Filipinos have been remembering the comedian on social media for his optimistic manner and witty quotes and jokes.

(Bontoc Police Office)

Ann Van de Ven, a tourist from The Netherlands, and Canadian Alex Loring were also among the dead, police told the Philippine Inquirer.

The bus driver, Alexander Longadey, is among those being treated at a hospital.

It’s not clear yet if he will face criminal charges.

Benjamin Chelloy, the police chief for Cordillera, told the Mindanao Examiner that police are investigating the cause of the accident. Passengers told police that the breaks on the bus apparently stopped working before it plunged into the 120-foot ravine.


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