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Tackling Taboos: Vaccine Creator on Safety; Pandemic Top-Down Decision-Making; Solar’s Dark Future

(1:00) The drive to vaccinate the nation has been going strong for over six months, but there’s still a lot we don’t know—and may never know. That’s because key safety data is not being rigorously collected, says a man who should know: Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA technology.

(25:35) In America Q&A, we ask Californians what they think about their state’s new digital vaccine verification system.

(28:33) Peter Hernandez, a county supervisor in San Benito, California, tells us why he wants to bring decision-making power over the pandemic back to the people.

(38:26) According to research, during this pandemic, globally, we throw away up to 3 million face masks every minute. Those common disposable masks are made of plastic microfibers that aren’t readily biodegradable. In our second America Q&A, we ask if you’ve ever thought about this problem.

(41:49) Finally, solar panels sound good for the environment, but research shows there’s a pretty significant catch—they’re toxic. The founder and president of Environmental Progress, Michael Shellenberger, shares why solar has a dark future.

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