Super Smash Bros 4 News: New Nintendo 3DS Stage Revealed

March 19, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

There’s a new stage for Super Smash Bros 4 Nintendo 3DS version.

The game will also come out for Nintendo Wii U. The release date for either system hasn’t been announced.

Game creator Masahiro Sakurai explains in his blog post that the stage advances by side scrolling, but as the level progresses, the protruding colored blocks will alter the angle of the platform.

Epoch Times Photo

“It’s in 3D Land, after all,” Sakurai writes.

It will take 2 minutes to complete a lap, and a giant pipe will take the player back to the beginning.

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“I know this sequence goes above and beyond a traditional Pic of the Day, so consider this a little something extra on the side from me,” Sakurai adds.

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