Suits Season 4 Midseason Finale Spoilers; When Does USA Show Return? Any Season 5 News?

The Suits midseason finale is set for Wednesday, August 20.

Episode 10 is titled This is Rome. 

“Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm; Louis tries to get his affairs in order,” according to the official description.

It’s not clear when the show will return after the break, but using the last two seasons as a reference, it will be sometime in early 2015, though possible as early as January and as late as March.

There will be six episodes left after the show returns.

TVGuide got the news that while Louis is gone from Pearson Specter, he will definitely be back in the final six episodes of the season.

Photo: "Things can change at the blink of an eye."

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Show creator Aaron Korsh added to EW that the midseason finale revolves around Louis.

“We follow Louis into his life,” Korsh said. “We’re going to delve deeply into the aftermath, the consequences of Louis resigning and being gone—both for Louis and for everyone else at the firm. Louis is a part of the family, and when a part of the family leaves in disgrace, the rest of the family is gonna be affected by that.

“How could they not be on practical levels, emotional levels, all kinds of levels. Mike wouldn’t be back if it hadn’t been for Louis. Jessica had to keep Mike because she couldn’t explain to Louis why she wasn’t going to rehire Mike. Now that Louis is gone, Mike is gonna think, ‘Is that still a factor in Jessica’s thinking?’ That’s the practical level. Mike also cares about Louis, and he’s gonna try to help Louis out. Donna cares about Louis and is gonna try to help him out. Harvey cares about Louis and is gonna try to help him out. Jessica is gonna take a little bit of a harder line; I definitely think she cares about Louis, but she also has a firm to worry about.”

And Suits has already been renewed for a season 5; to premiere in summer 2015.

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