Students Attacked by Alleged Racist Trump Supporter Who Shouted: ‘Trump, Trump Trump!’

March 18, 2016 Updated: March 18, 2016

Students at Wichita State in Kansas say they were attacked by an alleged Donald Trump supporter who was chanting his name during the attack.

The incident took place at a gas station near the campus on March 12, and surveillance footage captured the incident.

Khondoker Usama, a Muslim student at Wichita State, and his friend, a Hispanic student, were confronted by a man who shouted racial epithets.

He was kicking him; it was a gut-wrenching scene.
— Khondoker Usama, student

The man, who was in his 20s or 30s, also shouted, “Trump, Trump, Trump!” before riding away on his motorcycle.

He also called a black customer at the store a racial epithet, but, “Then suddenly it turned onto us, calling us ‘brown trash, go home. Trump will win,'” Usama said, according to

Usama told the website that the man told them: “You want to live in this country, you better leave.”

Usama then said the exchange got heated, and he tried to diffuse the situation, but his friend got punched and taken down to the ground.

He saw that I was calling the police and got back on his motorcycle.
— Khondoker Usama, student

“He kept kicking the student who was laying on the ground,” Usama said. “He was kicking him; it was a gut-wrenching scene. He saw that I was calling the police and got back on his motorcycle and circled around us and was saying ‘Trump, Trump, Trump, we will make America great again. You losers will be thrown out of the wall.’

“None of us knew that person,” Usama added. “I don’t know why anyone would do anything so hateful and so wrong to any individual.”

Usama said he refused to talk to the media over the weekend, but he changed his mind.

“There may be other people who are fearing the same thing,” Usama told “So this is really important in the times we are in, the challenges we are facing as minorities in this country; we better get united and we better speak up.”

Moussa Elbayoum, the head of of the board of the Kansas Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) chapter said, “We call upon Donald Trump to deplore this attack and any similar instance,” according to Mashable.