Stray Dog Joins 100 Meter Dash, Takes Third Place

May 27, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A stray dog entered itself into a college track and field meet to run in the 100 meter dash, crossing the finish line in third place.

Though the dog was taken out of the field after the race, netizens commented that it should have been honored on the podium, according to Chinese online news outlet Passion News.

Spectators at the Northern Nationalities University in Yinchuan City, Ningxia Province, China took a video of the race on May 23, according to various Chinese news reports. Videos were shared online through social media, receiving over 2 million views.

Reports said that students have nicknamed the dog Lil’ White. It is a stray dog which lives on the college campus. Students shared online that Lil’ White has been seen joining in physics, mathematics, and law classes.

A Dog Joins the Race

Video footage captured by onlookers in the stands show the group of college boys taking off from the starting line. As the race begins, Lil’ White charges from the field onto the track ahead of the boys.

The dog begins running along with the boy in yellow. It appears that the boy in first place is too fast, and Lil’ White then begins trailing the boy in second place.

The dog can even be seen crossing the finish line in a slow motion photo finish.

After the race, a man in sunglasses and a baseball cap was seen carrying Lil’ White out of the competition by the scruff.

The videos received over two million views on Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, in three days. Students and other online users said they wanted to see Lil’ White on the podium to receive its reward, according to Passion News.