Strangers Form Human Chain to Save Trapped Truck Driver Hanging From Cliff

February 2, 2016 Updated: February 2, 2016

Strangers locked arms and formed a human chain in an attempt to rescue a driver whose tractor-trailer lost control and was about to fall over the edge of a cliff in Bedford, Pennsylvania.

“It was a mess, dangerous. The truck was smoking, couple hundred gallons of diesel fuel, debris everywhere. People didn’t seem to care, they jumped out to help,” said Arlyn Satanek, a witness, according to WTAE-TV.

Satanek, who has been driving trucks for years, noted that he’s never seen anything like this.

“At that point I was on my brakes with everything I had and hoping I didn’t lose control,” Satanek said. “I saw the truck out in front of me pretty much finishing his wipe out and cutting of the entire two lanes of traffic and angling down over the cliff.”

The truck driver took out half a mile of guardrail, leaving debris and fuel covering the road.

The driver got jammed inside the cab and couldn’t get out, so motorists attempted to help.

I’m sitting there in a daze, and I realize people are running to the truck.

“I’m sitting there in a daze, and I realize people are running to the truck,” Satanek told WPXI-TV.

He said that the other motorists didn’t appear to be concerned for their own safety.

“It was just like everyone knew in that moment we have to reach him, ‘Let’s lock into this and get this guy up.’ It was awesome,” Satanek told WTAE. “I decided I knew they had him, and I wanted to get a picture, I want to remember this.”

He said the driver was back on his feet in only a few minutes.

“It helped remind us that we are all people, and it is our responsibility to help other humans,” Satanek said.

“I don’t know any of their names, what their faces looked like. I can only say they made a terrible situation a little bit better by helping someone out that was really in need,” he said.