UK Man Says He Stole Beef That Triggered Memories of Dead Grandmother

May 24, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

A shoplifter in the United Kingdom claims he stole a beef joint from a market because it reminded him of his dead grandma.

John Casey, who is unemployed and a father of eight, said he saw blood in the meat pack that caused “flashbacks” of his grandma, who died when he was a boy of a blood clot, reported the Metro tabloid.

He was caught on CCTV cameras putting the beef in his pack at an Asda market.

“You have caused a huge amount of unnecessary expense to be incurred by electing trial and you have got no means from which you can cover the costs of this expensive trial,” the judge in the case said.

Prosecutor Michael Hodson told the court: “The defendant accepts placing the joint of beef in his bag deliberately,” reported the Sunderland Echo. He added that Casey “says it was necessary to conceal the beef in order to control the effects of the flashback.”

“Such flashbacks are very disturbing says the defendant, who takes medication for depression and anxiety,” he added.

The trial cost Casey a reported $30,000.

“Every day my grandmother is with me, I remember her, but this was not like any other,” Casey told the Daily Mail. “I was re-living it, it was like I was there with her again. The blood in the bag was bringing it on, it was like I was there, like I was living it.”