Stieber’s Sweet Shop Now Open

Going back to school has just gotten sweeter, with the opening of Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe on Bleecker Street. 

“No one comes in here with a frown, and if they do, it’s soon gone,” said owner Lee Manne. 

The walls are covered floor to ceiling with bulk bins filled with candies and chocolates.

 Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe (Courtesy of Stieber’s)

Manne was aiming for the largest selection she could. It took 10 months to find the right space downtown, and she used every bit of that time to do research and place orders for her candy. 

Some of the selections are unusual, like Mario, penguin, and mustache gummy candies. In the back, there’s a selection of gummies from the Albanese confectionery, which uses only high-quality ingredients sourced from the United States or Europe. There’s really no going back once you try those. Their texture is softer, their flavor far more vibrant than the Haribo brand. 

The original Stieber shop is run by her family in Roseville, Calif.

Manne plans to be making fudge in house, and to make popcorn in sweet and savory varieties.

Stieber’s Sweet Shoppe
195 Bleecker St.