Stay Connected Outdoors with Environmentally Friendly Gadgets

Whether you decide to stay connected, or completely avoid contact outside of your camping grounds, there's a gadget for you.

Camping is an excuse to get away from it all- you can leave work and responsibilities behind and concern yourself with outdoor recreational activities. Swim in the river, sleep under the stars, and cook food over a campfire. It’s an escape you can enjoy with the people that you love most, or by yourself! Celebrate your time detached from everything that connects you to the “real world.” No cell phone? No problem. But for those of you who would prefer to stay relatively connected to the digital world, or for those who simply want to make their camping trip a little less rough, we have a few gadgets available for you.

Stay Charged

Sit this solar pack under the sun and let it soak up the natural energy. The Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Solar Kit has a built in USB connector allowing you to charge your cell phone or computer- whatever you brought with you to keep yourself connected or entertained. The pack conveniently doubles as a sun-powered flashlight. This is perfect for finding your way in the dark or telling a spooky campfire story. Another plus: it’s waterproof. A little rain or splash of water won’t harm your charge.

See in the Dark

Don’t underestimate the simplicity of a tent light! Read a book, chat with friends, or play games after the sun goes down. Hook up the SunJack CampLight inside of your tent or bring it outside with you during the nighttime festivities. It’s powered by a USB source, so either a generator or the Goal Zero Torch 250 Flashlight Solar Kit would be an ideal power source.

Light a Fire

When you’re outdoors and don’t have a kitchen, the classic campfire is the next best thing for cooking and keeping warm. If you have dry sticks and a match, you can make a fire. But what if your matches get wet? Or if you brought a lighter, what if you ran out of fluid? The Solar Spark Lighter and Fire Starter is a tool that utilizes the sun’s ray’s to focus heat at the center of the object it’s holding. Place a stick in the center and within a few, short minutes, you will have a mini starter log. What happens if it gets wet? Just dry it off!

Sleep in Trees

Ok, this one may not be some techy gadget that can charge your smartphone while simultaneously harnessing solar energy. But let’s be honest, it would be amazing to have a forest-wide view from your tent, even if that view is only a few feet above the ground. With a Tentsile portable shelter, you can sleep amongst the trees in your elevated canopy of comfort!  Another bonus? You will be a safer distance away from some animals and ground-dwelling insects set on nipping at your toes.

Whether you decide to stay connected, or completely avoid contact outside of your camping grounds, there’s a gadget for you. Enjoy your time away from it all, clearing your mind and refreshing your soul. Taking a selfie or two won’t hurt either.

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