Star Wars Episode 7 Rumors: Luke Skywalker Has Turned Evil in Episode VII

October 30, 2014 Updated: October 30, 2014

Luke Skywalker may have turned evil in Star Wars Episode VII, according to the latest rumors. 

The speculation started earlier this month when Indie Revolver published pictures of a cyborg bad guy in the upcoming film.

The pictures indicate that the cyborg has a lot of reverence for Darth Vader, and the right hand seems similar to both Anakin Skywalker’s and Luke Skywalker’s. 

Another picture shows the cyborg, a black figure, cloaked and approached by a primary female character “Kira” (possibly Daisy Ridley).

“According to a source, Kira believes she is there to meet Luke Skywalker, but instead she finds the monster,” said Making Star Wars.

“In another depiction, she is facing the camera, the cyborg character is embracing her and the look on her face is one of resignation and defeat. We are looking over a character’s shoulder, of what is believed to be [John] Boyega’s character.”

Boyega’s character is believed to crash land on Ridley’s planet, and turn from the dark side to good because of her.

It’s posited that his character and others try to save Ridley’s character from the evil cyborg, who is possibly Luke Skywalker.

“So why does Kira appear to give up? The reason for her resignation? The cyborg is none other than Luke Skywalker. The revelation beats Kira and her quest becomes hopeless. She resigns herself to joining the figure who is the opposite of what she hoped to find. The evil she sought to vanquish with the power of Luke Skywalker, is Luke Skywalker,” the blog noted.

Making Star Wars later got their hands on additional concept art, which shows a scene taking place in a castle. A young woman, perhaps 20 years old, is being embraced from behind by the so-called monster cyborg. That figure is wearing a brown robe not unlike that of Obi-Wan Kenobi, while his hand shows that he is a cyborg but still contains some flesh.

The one scene is similar to this one from Phanton of the Opera, with the dark cyborg grabbing the girl--possibly Daisy Ridley's character--from behind.
The one scene is similar to this one from Phanton of the Opera, with the dark cyborg grabbing the girl–possibly Daisy Ridley’s character–from behind.


“The flesh from his face has been burned or scratched way in the same fashion. This figure could have a beard if need be but only his very human lips are visible in the natural light, full of shadows. His nose is metallic, his right eye also has metal on the outside and some of his forehead has the fake skin,worn off in many places. His skin has deteriorated showing us some of his face has been repaired and reconstructed in the past and some of it is still very human. You cannot see his eyes. There are no red lights for eyes, just two black dark voids,” the blog describes.

“This cyborg is whispering something into the woman’s ear and she’s coldly taking in his words.”

Three figures stand nearby. One is a black male–likely Boyega’s character–joined by a droid and an alien.

“The three figures are clearly there to kick some ass and take names. They seem ready to get their friend back and do whatever it takes to make sure that happens,” the blog said.

This big possible spoiler, as with many rumors and speculation about Episode VII, remains unconfirmed. In fact, even the blog notes that the cyborg could be Adam Driver’s character, not Mark Hamill’s.

Star Wars Episode VII is 

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