Southwest Airlines Plane Forced to Return Back to Boston After Severe Turbulence Injures Five

May 17, 2016 Updated: May 17, 2016

Two flight attendants were injured during strong turbulence that hit a Southwest Airlines flight heading from Boston to Chicago, reports on May 17 said.

Southwest Flight 147 was forced to turn back less than an hour after departure, ABC7 Chicago reported.

Three passengers were also injured in the incident.

About 30 minutes after the plane departed Logan International Airport around 11 p.m. Monday, the plane started violently shaking.

As a result, the pilot decided to turn back and landed the jet safely in Boston. Several ambulances were waiting for the plane, but only one person was taken to the hospital.

A spokesperson for Southwest said none of the injuries were considered serious.

“The pilot in command of Southwest Airlines Flight 147 from Boston to Chicago Midway initiated an air return after encountering strong turbulence and receiving notification that two Flight Attendants had experienced injuries,” Southwest told USA Today. “The flight landed safely in Boston where Customers were deplaned with no serious injuries reported,” the statement added. “The flight crew was taken to a local hospital for further medical attention.”

One passenger described his experience.

“I’m kind of just happy to be back quick. Everybody was just kind of, ‘Ah!’ and then it was over. A guy in the back of the plane started hollering right away. ‘I need help back here. I need help. I need medical help.’ His buddy, the other flight attendant, got knocked out I guess,” said Butch Mohoi, a passenger who was on Flight 147, as reported by ABC7.

The plane, which had 133 passengers on board, continued on their way to Chicago about four and a half hours behind schedule, CBS Boston reported.