Son Left in Excruciating Pain After Road Rage Attack in Walmart Parking Lot

June 19, 2018 Updated: June 21, 2018

A security camera captured a car purposely accelerating into young man in a Walmart parking lot on June 10 in Loveland, Colorado.

Jamie Mangeris told Fox 31 that her son Scottie and a friend stopped in the parking lot to confront the driver of a vehicle that was trailing them on their way home from work the night of June 10. After the pair got out of the vehicle, the pursuing driver accelerated into Scottie, knocking him against his own car and then dragging his body some distance through the parking lot.

Jamie said that it is heart-wrenching to know that somebody tried to kill her son for no reason.

More than a week later, Scottie has been released from the McKee Medical Center to continue his recovery process at home, CBS Denver reported.

He required surgery to repair a broken wrist, and also suffered a broken ankle and knee. He also sustained road rash over much of his body, leaving him in excruciating pain.

The Loveland Police told Fox 31 that they are still looking for the suspect and that the attack most likely left the suspect’s car with a broken left rear-view mirror and damage to the front fender.

In what is most likely a road rage incident, Jamie said in a Facebook post that the suspect had been trailing another car when Scottie’s car tried to overtake it. That is when the suspect speed back in front of them and started breaking suddenly, which could have run Scottie’s car off the road. That’s when Scottie’s car pulled into the parking lot and got attacked.

Warning: this video may be distressing for some viewers

According to the news station, previous summer months saw an increase of between 500 to 1,000 calls reporting road rage incidents in the Denver area.

A report published by the American Automobile Association (AAA) noted that data obtained from self-reporting drivers indicated that male drivers between the ages of 19 and 39 show more aggressive behavior on the roads. It also said that the data suggested that males are three times more likely than females to get exit their vehicle to confront another driver, or intentionally ram into another vehicle.

The AAA recommends that drivers should never engage in behavior that forces other drivers to change their speed or direction. Upon encountering bad behaviour, be tolerant and forgiving. “The other driver may just be having a really bad day. Assume that it’s not personal,” the website says.

Jamie told KDVR-Denver that the lesson she and her son learnt was to never go out and confront the other driver.

“Call 9-1-1 immediately or drive to the police station,” she said.

Jamie set up a GoFundMe page to help Scottie with his expenses as he recovers.

Anyone with information should call the Loveland Police Department (970) 667-2151.


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