SoCal Restaurants Make a Respectable Standing in Yelp’s Annual US Top 100 List

By Julianne Foster
Julianne Foster
Julianne Foster
January 28, 2023Updated: January 28, 2023

Yelp released Jan. 25 its 10th annual Top 100 Places to Eat in the United States, 19 of which are in Southern California.

This list, according to Yelp, is based on reviews submitted by Yelp users, whose suggestions were ranked by the total number of submissions, ratings, and reviews.

Of those named in Los Angeles, Orange, and San Diego counties, nine were ranked in the top 25.

The highest-rated local eatery, at No. 4, was the family-owned Beyer Deli, in San Diego. Just a handful of miles from the border, the restaurant offers classic American sandwiches served on tortas—Mexican-style bread buns.

Epoch Times Photo
Beyer Deli in San Diego in October 2022. (Google Maps/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

The Sunbliss Café in Anaheim—just minutes from Disneyland—ranked 6th. They offer pastries, smoothie bowls, and colorful layered lattes with homemade syrups.

At No. 10 was Garden Grove’s Sababa Falafel Shop known for its Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern sandwiches and falafel bowls. Among the Orange County eateries’ most popular items were pita sandwiches stuffed with falafel, chicken or beef, and customizable bowls.

Appu’s Café in Long Beach—found curiously in Woodruff Medical Center—came in at No. 12. The spot offers Indo-Mexican options including its Vegan Mushroom and Vegan Yellow Lentil soups, and the Maharaja Burrito.

Ranked No. 13, the Little France Coffee & Bakery in Orange County’s Mission Viejo offers traditional French pastries and breakfast sandwiches with an espresso bar. Their top-selling item? Croissants, which generally sell out by 1 p.m., according to Yelp.

Epoch Times Photo
Little France Coffee & Bakery in Mission Viejo, Calif., in April 2022. (Google Maps/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

Trust in Santa Ana, was ranked 18th. The restaurant, also in Orange County, plays by its name as there is no set menu, seats only 18 people, and never has a repeated dish. For around $250 per person, diners feast on 13 courses with unlimited wine pairings while they watch sous chefs work with Executive Chef, Justin Werner.

GONZO!, in Carlsbad, was ranked 20th on the list, and is known for its five specialized ramen options. The San Diego County restaurant is owned and operated by Japan-born Mika Murphy, her husband, and their sons.

Epoch Times Photo
Ramen restaurant GONZO! in Carlsbad, Calif., in November 2022. (Google Maps/Screenshot via The Epoch Times)

No. 23 was the BMORE Protein Pub in Long Beach, which is a cafe with “electric” Latin flavors, according to Yelp. The restaurant, located in Los Angeles County, started as a smoothie bar and has grown to offer several other healthy food items. Among its most popular dishes are pizzas.

Finally, rounding out the top 25, was Rajas con Crema in Marywood, also in Los Angeles County, known for its Mexican-flavored items inspired by food from Jalisco, Mexico. Their most popular dish is Rajas con Crema, which is roasted pasilla peppers in a cream sauce.

Below is a list of the 19 Southern California restaurants, by county, and their rankings.

Los Angeles County

12. Appu’s Café, Long Beach

23. BMORE Protein Pub, Long Beach

25. Rajas con Crema, Marywood

61. Lord Empanada, Monrovia

89. Fiore Market Café, South Pasadena

Orange County

6. Sunbliss Café, Anaheim

10. Sababa Falafel Shop, Garden Grove

13. Little France Coffee & Bakery, Mission Viejo

18. Trust, Santa Ana

34. Maison Café & Market, Dana Point

44. OmG Omakase by Gino, Santa Ana

70. Thanh Do Restaurant, Garden Grove

81. Corazon Taste of Mexico, Brea

94. Hanuman Thai Eatery, Costa Mesa

San Diego County

4. Beyer Deli, San Diego

20. GONZO!, Carlsbad

35. Baba Kabob, San Diego

46. Nonno’s Ristorante, Murrieta

52. Mike’s Red Tacos, San Diego