Sibylle’s Style Diary: Tracy Stern on Being Bohemian Chic and a Free Spirit in the City

November 8, 2015 Updated: November 24, 2015

This week’s style diary guest is the very lively Tracy Stern. She introduces herself as an artist, entrepreneur, and interior designer, but is also the author of the Gypchic Travel guides as well as an adventurer, a tea aficionado (and founder of Tea & Co.), a skateboarder, and even an entertaining hostess! She is as fun and creative as a New York social butterfly can be. 

Sibylle Eschapasse: Describe your style?

Tracy Stern: I’m a double agent in style. I can dress uptown glamour and ’70s bohemian.

(Courtesy of Tracy Stern)

Ms. Eschapasse: If a close friend were to describe your personality in three words, what would they be?

Ms. Stern: Sunshine Barbie! (that’s 2 words)

Ms. Eschapasse: How did your style evolve since you were a teenager?

Ms. Stern: Since I was an inquisitive youth and lost myself in books, I fell in love with Hitchcock and his icy heroines. My style was ever evolving … I won class individualist in high school.

Style is an effortless self-expression of the moment, capturing your shining essence.
— Tracy Stern

Ms. Eschapasse: What is the wildest thing you ever wore?

Ms. Stern: Where to begin. … My burning man wardrobe this year was pretty fierce.

(Courtesy of Tracy Stern)
(Courtesy of Tracy Stern)

Ms. Eschapasse: How do you dress on workdays versus weekends?

Ms. Stern: Since I work from home and walk a lot, I’m in the typical yoga uniform. Lunch dates require a classic body con sheath by Roland Mouret or Cushnie Et Ochs, a great clutch and classic heels with cuff bracelet. Weekends are cozy jeans and boots with T-shirt and jacket with hat.

Ms. Eschapasse: What are three accessories you can’t live without, and what’s one item that makes you instantly more confident?

Ms. Stern: I love my Wonder Woman collection of cuff brackets by Alexis Bittar, Chanel, and Hermès. The accessory I can’t live without is my iPhone. I need to text my kids and do business while playing and traveling.  My sunglasses make me more mysterious and I can’t leave home without them!

Ms. Eschapasse: Who have been your greatest fashion influences? 

Ms. Stern: Iris Apfel, my grandmother, Josephine Baker, Halston, Brigitte Bardot, and Vogue magazine. 

Ms. Eschapasse: Who is your style icon?

Ms. Stern: Jerry Hall, hands down.

Ms. Eschapasse: What does having style mean to you? In other words, please define style.

Ms. Stern: Having style means being individually creative. It’s a no-brainer. My style is personal and innate and can’t be really explained. It’s of the moment; a feeling I channel everyday; I wake up channeling a different fashion or character.

Style is an effortless self-expression of the moment, capturing your shining essence.

Ms. Eschapasse: What is one purchase you’re most proud of?

Ms. Stern: I scored a vintage Schiaparelli hat from Paris. 

Ms. Eschapasse: What would you pay a lot of money for, and what would you never pay much money for?

Ms. Stern: I love one-of-a-kind pieces and have gone to auctions to buy vintage Norell gowns. Price isn’t a factor so much as the style of the piece I covet. I have bought $15 gauchos at a flea market and equally love the purchase as much as a high ticket item. 

Ms. Eschapasse: When you go on the red carpet, how do you want your outfit to make you feel? Which designers can achieve that?

Ms. Stern: I honestly don’t spend a lot of time thinking of what to wear and get dressed for the red carpet in a flash! I simply open my closet and see what I feel I may like. Then I pick shoes and jewelry and I’m out the door. It becomes routine …

The designers for red carpet I wear: Victor de Souza, J Mendel, Carolina Herrera, Gemma Kahng, Maggie Norris, Hervé Leger (if I’m on a date).

Ms. Eschapasse: What do you think of how others dress and what’s your advice to people who would like to develop their personal style?

Ms. Stern: I personally don’t judge others dress but will definitely appreciate others’ individuality in their style.


Favorite color: Orange (passion)
Favorite perfume: Killian’s Love or Frédéric Malle’s Carnal Flower
Favorite restaurant in NY: 11 Madison Park
Favorite drink: Green tea latte with chai
Favorite movie: “Doctor Zhivago” 
Favorite book: “Pride & Prejudice” by Jane Austen
Favorite quote: “To make living itself an art, that is the goal.” Henry Miller

Sibylle’s “Style Diary” is a column that explores style from the perspective of choices, and what that means for different people, with personal advice from some of the most stylish people in New York.

Sibylle Eschapasse is from Paris and now lives in Manhattan. She is a journalist and a contributing writer to various publications. Sibylle is also the author of a children’s book, “Argy Boy!: A New York Dog Tale.” She may be reached at