Setting Up Tradeshow Displays that Attract Attention

One of the best ways to promote any business is by attending tradeshows. Many entrepreneurs are able to get their businesses off the ground by doing this. But, in order to be successful at tradeshows, one must be able to draw in plenty of potential new customers, as well as existing customers. To do this, they need to create tradeshow displays that get noticed, and that make people want to stop and see what they are all about. There are going to be hundreds of displays at any given tradeshow, and you want yours to stand out in the crowd. It is important to order quality trade show displays, banners, etc. Buying cheap displays is a very bad first impression. Here are some ways that you can create tradeshow displays people will want to visit:

  • Get Retro – Everyone loves classic video games such as Pac-Man and Galaxian. You can rent arcade games and set them up at your tradeshow display. Set up banner stands announcing video game contests, and have prizes for the winners. Participants don’t have to pay to play. Instead, get them to give you business cards or fill out questionnaires so you have their contact information for the future.

  • Offer Free Massages – People who are walking around tradeshows to see the various displays are going to get tired after a while. You can hire a massage therapist to be at your booth, and offer free massages to those attending the tradeshow. This is going to make them feel good, and it will really make them remember you and your business. Once they are nice and relaxed, you can start a conversation with them about your products and services, and they will be more receptive to what you have to say.

  • Network with Other Participants – Tradeshows usually take place over a few days, so there is going to be plenty of time to get to know your fellow participants. While you may not have time to visit their booths during business hours, you can set up networking events with them. Chances are that they will be looking for something to do instead of just sitting in their hotel rooms. Invite those who you think could bring about opportunities for you. You may meet many other entrepreneurs who you will be able to partner with later on.

  • Set Up a Prize Vault – You can rent prize vaults that are see-through, then fill them with enticing prizes. In order to win the prizes, people must try and crack the vault code. Be sure to have prizes that people will want to win, such as iPods or other similar devices. While people are waiting for their turn to crack the code, you can talk to them about your products and services.

  • Draw for Prizes – If you are going to set up at a big tradeshow be sure to offer draws. Have ballots that people can fill out with their names, phone numbers, and email addresses. Be sure to offer good prizes that people are going to really want to win. They should be big-ticket items. As people visit your booth, hand out ballots that have your company information printed on one half, and a space for attendees to write their information. You keep that half, and they keep the company info because they will need it to claim prizes if they win. Make sure that they must contact you to find out if they have won. This gives you more opportunities to discuss your products and services with them.

  • Set Up an Oxygen Bar – This is something that a lot of people enjoy, and many people who haven’t tried it will be curious and want to. An oxygen bar will definitely attract people to your exhibit displays, and as many as 60 people can use it every hour. That’s a lot of potential new customers for you to schmooze with. They will also be relaxed, and more receptive to what you have to say.

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