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Senate Passes $430 Billion Inflation Reduction Bill; China Extends Military Drills Around Taiwan | NTD Good Morning

The Inflation Reduction Act just passed the Senate after painstaking negotiations.

China says it’s extending its threatening military exercises in the waters of Taiwan for the next month in response to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit.

Authorities suspect recent killings in New Mexico are connected. A Muslim man was found dead in a parking lot Friday with a gunshot wound. Two men who attended the same mosque were ambushed and killed over the last two weeks.

Topics in this episode include:

1. Senate Passes $430 Billion Inflation Reduction Bill
2. $370B Out Of $430B Inflation Bill Goes to Climate-Focused Spending
3. House Minority Leader on Inflation Bill
4. Police Believe New Mexico Killing Connected to 3 Recent Murders
5. New York $2M Jewelry Heist in Broad Daylight
6. Over 1600 Flights in US Canceled, Around 15,000 Delayed: FlightAware
7. Indiana First US State to Ban Abortion
8. Israel, Palestinian Cease-Fire Takes Effect in Gaza
9. Firefighters Battle to Contain Blaze at Cuban Oil Facility
10. Colombia Swears in First Socialist President
11. China Extends Military Drills Around Taiwan
12. RNC Resolution Supports Taiwan
13. End CCP Tour
14. Former Twitter CEO: ‘End the CCP’
15. ‘Glass Half Full’ Inspiring Students Start Glass Recycling Plant
16. Cincinnati Zoo Asking for Baby Hippo Names
17. Canines Catch Waves in California’s World Dog Surfing Championships

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