Tim Howard’s Incredible Yearbook Quote + Other Hilarious and Cringeworthy Examples

By Jim Liao, Epoch Times

U.S. Soccer Star Tim Howard took the internet by storm yesterday when all kinds of memes cropped up on the goalkeeper’s soccer-transcending saving abilities.

In the middle of the craze, Tim Howard’s high school yearbook photo even popped up, and the quote could not have been more fitting.

In celebration, here are the rest of Reddit’s highest rated yearbook quotes. Howard’s quote is #1 right now by the way.

#5. “Yearbook quote of the century”(BundyWA)

Epoch Times Photo

Pretty self explanatory. There are just some mysterious people out there that you can never figure out.


#4. “My sister’s friend burned her via yearbook quote”(FierceLambda)

Epoch Times Photo

Ouch, where was the yearbook staff to edit this out? Maybe this was another one of the things Tim Howard could have saved.


#3. “I wish I could take back time to change my yearbook quote”(Reddit12345678910111)

Epoch Times Photo

This is a prime example of the danger of yearbook quotes. You don’t want something to cringe at for the rest of your life. 


#2. “Oh, irony, you never fail”(ZSlender)

Epoch Times Photo

Read this quote. If you don’t find something peculiar about it, you may have fallen into the trap. Now the real question is whether the yearbook editors actually knew what they were doing when they let this quote slide.


Honorable Mention: “Best yearbook quote ever”(Spencyboy)

Epoch Times Photo

News flash: Santa is actually black.