Secret Admirer Delivers Love Poetry Written on Mango to His Crush

April 25, 2019 Updated: September 6, 2019

A man made an unconventional, though sweet attempt to start up a relationship with a woman he often sees on his daily commute in Zhengzhou City of Henan Province, China.

To show his romantic interest in his bus driver, the man wrote a love poem on the skin of a mango and gifted it to the woman on April 23, multiple Chinese news outlets reported.

The bus driver, named Kang Xige, was surprised when she received the gift. It just so happens that Kang’s given name can be translated as “pleasant song.”

Yet, unluckily for her poetic admirer, Kang is unavailable.

“I’m already married, so I hope this handsome guy can soon find his own significant other, and I hope the best for him,” Kang said to Pear Videos, a major Chinese short-video news outlet.

The identity of the secret admirer was not given in the news reports.

Mango, a “Passion Fruit?”

Security camera footage from Kang’s double-deck bus shows that just before arriving at the man’s stop, he comes down and takes a seat not far from Kang.

“When we were stopped at a station and people were getting on today, suddenly a handsome guy who was on the bus came over, and he handed me a bag full of something,” Kang told Pear Videos.

The man complimented Kang’s effort in her work. The two smile widely at each other in their brief exchange, as the man hands Kang a red bag.

“I was so surprised at that time, I didn’t know what he meant!” Kang told Pear Videos. “Then after I went back to the dispatch office and looked in the bag, there was a mango with words written on it—it had a love poem written on it.”

A rough translation of the poem is given below, omitting his contact information:

After riding your bus for one or two years,
My heart now holds your smile.
If you ask anything of me, I’ll happily answer,
Compared to men who are the same age, I’m a catch.
If you are also single like me,
Could we consider marriage?
I’m the same age as you,
and I felt my spirit captured by love at first sight.
Since I’m introverted, I’m afraid of being refused,
And I didn’t dare express my feelings face-to-face.
Here is my instant message contact information,
Just to see if you’d like it or not.

“I was so moved, and I’m thankful to this handsome guy for being understanding and supportive of my work,” Kang told Pear Videos.

Kang didn’t say how she would break the news to him. She did, however, say to Pear Videos that she hoped he would soon find a suitable partner.