Save My Colorado Wedding: Flooding Won’t Stop Love

By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
September 14, 2013 Updated: September 16, 2013

A group of wedding planners has started a campaign to help couples whose wedding plans have been thrown into disarray by the flooding in Colorado. 

A Facebook page, “Save My Colorado Wedding,” is the platform through which the coalition is reaching out to Colorado’s betrothed. It is helping arrange alternative venues, vendors, d.j.s, and more. “Save My Colorado Wedding” was conceived by photographer Sarah Roshan of TruLife Studios, according to Cielle Amundson, owner of Denver-based Storytellers International. 

Volunteers answer 720-381-4110 and connect couples whose venues have been cancelled with planners and others who help them save their ceremonies.

Amundson told the Epoch Times in a phone interview Saturday that her team of three has helped about 25 couples over the past few days. 

Amundsen recalled the words of one bride who emailed her: “OK, so I cried for about five minutes and then realized that I had to do something about it.”

“Then she called me,” Amundson said. They worked together to re-plan the wedding in just a few days. It will happily take place Saturday at 4 p.m. at a new venue, the Denver Art Museum. Amundson said couples have had to cope with the idea that their weddings won’t be as they had planned and imagined, but she has been happy to help them re-plan within their budgets. 

The Knot, a New York-based wedding planning company, headed a similar initiative in the wake of Sandy; it has reached out to help the initiative in Colorado. Amundson said she was inspired to see how many vendors and other companies have banded together to help. 

Denver-based wedding and event planning company Party Singers left a post on the “Save My Colorado Wedding” page: “Just remember, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE. Your weddings will go down in history books. ENJOY THE DAY!”

On its own Facebook page, Party Singers announced its blue grass band will make it out to a wedding on Saturday after being displaced for days: “So thrilled it’s going to happen after all!”
Amber Poe told Storytellers via Facebook that she is supposed to get married at Lyons Farmette on September 28: “We don’t know the status of the farm but think its under water. Would love help on finding a new venue. All guests are staying in Boulder.”
In the flood-hit town of Estes Park near Rocky Mountain National Park, all weddings are off for a while, an official said while giving an update during a televised town meeting Saturday. A resident who owns a wedding planning business had asked what she should tell her clients.

“For the next at least week or so, they cannot come to town,” he said. “At this point, we need to put the town back together.”



Storytellers asks couples to email or call 720-295-8314.