Sarah Palin on Syria, ‘Orwellian’ Times, and More

Palin speaks at Faith and Freedom Coalition conference
By Tara MacIsaac, Epoch Times
June 16, 2013 Updated: June 16, 2013

Sarah Palin’s speech at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual conference on Saturday lacked none of the colorful turns of phrase or jabs she is known for. From the “itty-bitty, purple Volts [electric cars]” she described the protesters she encounters as driving, to her remark about sending weapons to Syria—“let Allah sort it out”—Palin summed up the current state of American politics in her particular style.

U.S. officials announced Thursday that the United States would send weapons to Syria—a much-anticipated move that hinged on solid evidence that Syria has used chemical weapons.

Palin said that as long as radical leaders aren’t respecting basic human rights, and “until we know what we’re doing … let Allah sort it out.”

On another topic, she criticized what she called the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS’s) inability to account for millions spent on conferences, “because it didn’t keep its receipts.”

“Really? You try that with the IRS!” she said.

Taking hold of scandals that have plagued President Barack Obama’s administration in recent weeks, including the controversial data collection of the National Security Administration (NSA), Palin said, “It just seems so Orwellian around here.”

Amid her criticisms of Obama and Democrats, however, she noted a problem with the “good old boys” on “both sides of the aisle.”

“It doesn’t matter if it’s a Republican or a Democrat sitting atop a bloated boot on your neck, out of control government. Everyone gets infected, no party is immune,” Palin said. “That’s why, I tell you, I’m listening to those independents.”