Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas Video: ‘Duck Dynasty’ Dance on Dancing With the Stars

October 6, 2014 Updated: November 9, 2015

Sadie Robertson and Mark Ballas pulled off a sweet dance for Dancing With the Stars week 4.

The duo danced to “Hunter” by Pharell, with Sadie dressed up as a colorful duck and Mark dressed up as a member of the Duck Dynasty, Sadie’s family.

Week 4 had the non-pro dancers choose their most memorable year and create a dance with their partner in memory of it.

Sadie said that the year was 2012, when her family began appearing on television.

She said that some good has come out of it, but there’s been some negative aspects such as people watching their every move.

Sadie said that despite some harsh articles about things her grandfather has said, the family has stuck together and tried to live by their faith.

After the dance, the duo was interviewed briefly before receiving the scores. 

“It kind of put me back home, dancing at the house groovy,” Sadie said.

“I just wanted to be true in character,” Mark added about his interesting outfit.



Huntin’ for those 10’s with @jaseduckman, @legitsadierob, @williebosshog, and Jep… haha thx @juleshough #dwts #teamquackattack Vote for Sadie and I! 800-VOTE4-11 or vote online

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I know it’s super late but I wanted to say from the bottom of my heart thank y’all so much for voting & for getting us that 9 tonight! We couldn’t do any of it without y’all, and we are so happy to get to keep dancing. We LOVE it. we really hope y’all are having as much fun as we are having ♥️ #teamquackattack #thequackpack

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The judges loved the dance.

“That was fantastic, it was like ducks gone wild!” said Carrie Ann.

“The little bird has got some fight, like Natalie Portman in black swan!” added Bruno. “Way to go!”

They got 9s from Bruno and Carrie Ann and America (public voting), and a 10 from Julianne for 37 out of 40. They were declared safe before the dance, meaning they will advance to week 5.

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