Russian Warship Recaptures Oil Tanker

May 6, 2010 Updated: May 6, 2010

With a resolute rescue operation, the Russian navy has successfully recaptured oil tanker Moscow University and its 23 crew members from the Somali pirates who hijacked the vessel on Wednesday.

As the Russian destroyer, Marshal Shaposhnikov, approached the tanker early on Thursday, they got word that the oil tanker crew was safely hidden in tanker’s secure machine area.

The warship quickly moved in, firing warning shots from large caliber machine guns and 30mm artillery followed by special forces rappelling on board from a helicopter.

Surprised by the swift action, the pirates opened fire and a 22-minute gun battle on board the tanker ensued. One pirate died and three were wounded before the pirates finally surrendered.

The 10 captured pirates are on their way to Moscow where criminal charges will be laid.

“We'll have to do what our forefathers did when they met the pirates", said Russian President Dimitry Medvedev, insinuating the pirates can expect a serious punishment.

AP reports this raid is in line with a more aggressive approach toward pirates by international military forces.