Rookie Blue Season 6 Renewal? Is ABC and Global TV Show Renewed or Canceled?

Rookie Blue season 5 is wrapping up on Thursday, August 21 and fans are wondering whether the series will be renewed or canceled.

The joint venture by ABC and Global TV is loved by fans on both sides of the border.

It looks like the show has been renewed, although there hasn’t been an official announcement.

The two networks announced back in 2013 that they had ordered a season 5 with 13 episodes, and then in April of this year they ordered 9 more episodes.

But season 5 is ending after 11 episodes, leaving 11 more episodes ordered.

Global TV clarified the situation this week, with a representative saying via Twitter:

“The 22 episodes that were announced will air in an 11 episode S.5 (currently airing) & an 11 episode S.6, to air in 2015!”

As for a projected premiere date, based on past seasons, it should come in the third week of March.

Photo: Marlo returns to help on a case. Will this cause trouble in paradise?

Watch #RookieBlue's 2-hour season finale tomorrow on ABC!


If the show stays on Thursday nights, then that would be March 20, 2015 in Canada. It will likely premiere later as usual in the U.S., sometime in May, June, or July.

There’s also questions about whether season 6 will be the last season.

“That question is still up in the air. It’s great to hear the networks are interested in keeping us around, it’s such a vote of confidence and means an awful lot,” showrunner Tassie Cameron told Huffington Post.

“But then there are a lot of things to consider. There are the actors and there are contracts … I don’t know. I think it’s still up in the air. It’s a conversation we’ll be having in the next couple of weeks.”

Check out a season 5 finale description below.

The Rookie Blue Season Finale Concludes with a Special 2-Hour Episode

“Fragments” – Andy McNally and Sam Swarek are in such a good place that she just can’t help but feel like she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop. So when Andy learns her former rookie, Duncan, is back on active duty and hoping to reconcile, she’s sure that this is what her anxiety was anticipating. But it’s all hands on deck when a car bomb explodes in a downtown parking garage – quickly followed by a second explosion at a busy local intersection. Duncan, eager to prove himself, goes rogue – only to come face-to-face with the car bomber. Now, it’s up to Andy and Nick to get the situation under control and save Duncan before they run out of time.

“Everlasting” — With a car-bomber still on the loose, the officers of 15 Division work frantically to track down the suspect while trying to figure out if more bombs have been planted around the city. Just when it feels like the worst is over, a bomb goes off in the evidence room of the station – with Andy McNally inside. But the violence – and the surprises – aren’t over, leaving Sam Swarek dumbfounded, on the season finale ABC’s “Rookie Blue,” 

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