Roger Rodas ‘Had the Heart of a Lion’ and Was Always Generous, Says Friend

December 11, 2013 Updated: July 18, 2015

Roger Rodas, who died in the car crash that killed actor Paul Walker, “made a difference in this world with his passion for life and love for his family,” says a friend.

Kirt Kohlmeier of Glendale, California said that he is mourning the death of Rodas, who he taught at one point and remained friends with thereafter.

“When Roger was at Hoover he impressed me with his passion for life and his kindness to fellow students,” Kohlmeier wrote in a letter to the Glendale News Press. “His involvement in the classroom and student activities made the experiences of all concerned better. In athletics he had the heart of a lion and would lead with a quiet determination.”

Rodas later became Kohlmeier’s financial advisor. Rodas was also Walker’s financial advisor.

Kohlmeier said that Rodas was “always was generous with his friends and guests.”

“He had a knack for making everyone feel a part of a group and involved, regardless of who they were,” he said. “He was beloved by his staff and co-workers at the Rodas Group in Glendale.”

Kohlmeier concluded: “Roger made a difference in this world with his passion for life and love for his family. He imparted in me a zest for pursuing your dreams and kindness to fellow man. I will always think of Roger and how he touched the stars in what ever he pursued. Roger, you are loved and will be missed.”

Rodas and Walker passed away on November 30 after the car Rodas was driving and Walker was riding in crashed into a light pole and several trees in Valencia, California.

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