Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Big Tech, Media Propaganda Facilitated Takeover of Democratic Institutions by the Medical Cartel

By Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso
Enrico Trigoso is a former Epoch Times reporter who covered U.S. politics, health news, and social issues.
February 8, 2022Updated: February 9, 2022

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is warning the public about the potential threat to democracy that COVID lockdowns, along with mandates and other modus operandi, could lead to—unparalleled levels of oppression.

Kennedy is the author of the best-selling book “The Real Anthony Fauci,” an encyclopedic work that encompasses Big Pharma’s meddling in public health and people’s liberties.

He’s an attorney, environmental activist, and founder of Children’s Health Defense. He is the son of former U.S. Senator, Attorney General, and presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, and the nephew of former Democrat President John F. Kennedy.

Kennedy believes that the populace must resist a technocratic power grab, which is in its final stages of consolidation via a sinister medical cartel, if they don’t want to end up under unprecedented levels of tyranny.

He asserts that an “arms race,” is taking place: on one side, there is a group that is trying to implement “turnkey totalitarianism” through the utilization of technology.

“Facial recognition systems, pervasive 5G data collection systems, vaccine passports, digitalized currencies, and other technological devices that give authoritarian elements the capacity for total control of human behavior,” Kennedy told The Epoch Times. “On one side we have an arms race to put those instrumentalities in place.”

facial recognition
A live demonstration uses artificial intelligence and facial recognition in dense crowd spatial-temporal technology at an exhibit in Las Vegas on Jan. 10, 2019. (David McNew/AFP via Getty Images)

“And on the other side, we have our efforts to wake up and arouse the sleeping public, and get them onto the streets and actively resisting the implementation of tyranny.”

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has long been using social credit scores to punish its citizens for what the regime considers bad behavior, resulting in some of them not being able to travel by train, plane, or obtaining other services/commodities.

The CCP collects and analyzes data, particularly targeting the younger population, and claims that its aim is to encourage “good” behavior, censure “bad” behavior, and uphold its “socialist values.”

“And at some point, the ambition of every totalitarian regime in history has been complete control of every aspect of human conduct, all of our expressions, and all of our interactions and transactions.

“But no totalitarian regime in history has had the capacity to do that, to come anywhere close. There were always ways to escape even [during] the Nazi regime, you could cross the Alps, you could swim the Rhine, you could hide in an attic, you could cross over the border into Switzerland,” Kennedy said.

Epoch Times Photo
A fan shows his vaccine passport before entering Rogers Arena for the Vancouver Canucks NHL hockey game against the Minnesota Wild in Vancouver on Oct. 26, 2021. (The Canadian Press/Darryl Dyck)

“But today, the pervasiveness of intrusive technology gives totalitarian regimes the capacity for total control.”

To the group of people who would favor a totalitarian system that they think would take care of them better, Kennedy answered: “I will remind people of what Benjamin Franklin said, which is that any society that thinks it can trade a little bit of security for a little bit of liberty, will lose both and deserves neither.”

Detail from portrait of Benjamin_Franklin_1767
Portrait Benjamin Franklin in London, 1767, by David Martin. (Public Domain)

Kennedy is of the opinion that a disentanglement between government, Big Pharma, and regulatory agencies would require laws that would render it illegal for pharmaceutical companies to advertise on television, laws which existed prior to 1997.

“That change in our law has given the pharmaceutical industry power not only to advertise its products, but to dictate content in the American media,” Kennedy said. “And that’s been part of the transition, the total lack of media scrutiny. And the use of the media as a propaganda device for mercantile and commercial promotion and to generate fear has been probably the singular element that has most facilitated this takeover of our democratic institutions by the sinister forces of the medical cartel.

“The definition of fascism is the merger of state and corporate power. And we now have this phenomenon of agency capture that has turned our public health agencies into seamless subsidiaries of the pharmaceutical industry. At the same time, we have these big financial behemoths that are consolidating control of all of the key sectors, including communication and public health. Their ambition is not to improve American health, or the health of people around the globe or to make or to render democracy more robust. Their ambition is to commoditize everything, the lands, the waters, our children, our people, and our country; liquidate them for cash and turn them into profit.”

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