Rizzoli and Isles Season 5: Lee Thompson Young (Barry Frost) to be Honored

March 27, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

Season 4 of Rizzoli and Isles was almost done filming when Lee Thompson Young died in August 2013, so the producers decided that he couldn’t properly be honored. Instead, he and his character Barry Frost will be honored in the upcoming season 5, which is set for a June 17, 2014 premiere date.

Angie Harmon ( Jane Rizzoli) told fans that she hoped they enjoyed the season 4 finale, and also let them know that episodes 1 and 2 in season 5 will “address or beloved Lee with love, honor, and respect.”

New executive producer Jan Nash let fans know, also via Twitter, that the staff of the show wouldn’t be live tweeting the season finale out of respect for Young.

A friend previously told the NY Daily News that Young was very close to his mother and sister.

He had a great support network. He had his local priest and lots of good friends who were like family, including the ‘Rizzoli’ cast.”

Sasha Alexander (who plays Dr. Maura Isles) told Examiner hat there’s already been almost two months of work on season 5.

“We have been trying to pick her brain as much as possible — all the secrets that she has planned — but they don’t give us the whole arc for the entire season,” Alexander said, noting the addition of Nash.

“I think we are just going a lot deeper with the characters. I think, all around, her intention from what I am getting is stronger stories in terms of the crimes, but personal stories. Stories that are really driving these characters together. That is really the unique part of our show is you do have these characters go through these personal and life things in conjunction with the crime. There is a lot more exploring of that.”



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