Rittenhouse Fallout

By The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
The Reader's Turn
December 12, 2021 Updated: December 12, 2021

Many in the liberal press feel that Kyle Rittenhouse was morally culpable for violence as he should have known better than to enter a volatile and dangerous setting with an armed AR-15. What was he thinking? What was his motivation for being in Kenosha in the first place?

Brushed over was the fact that his father, grandmother, and other relatives lived in Kenosha. Apparently, that’s not really significant to the media. Let’s see, if one of their sons saw a different city they lived in exploding in violence, with the cops being told to stand down, would they be surprised if their son came to protect them and others? Besides wanting to possibly protect his dad, Kyle in his testimony recounted how a car dealership in Kenosha was asking for help as fires raged and rioters were on a rampage.

Is it possible that this 17-year-old young man felt the same moral outrage that many of us have felt as we see our cities degenerating into lawlessness as liberal policies allow criminals to run free and destroy our neighborhoods? Did Kyle possibly show some courage like other 17-year-olds that stormed the beaches of Omaha with lethal force because they wanted to do what they felt was right, even though it was quite dangerous? Was his behavior stupid, or maybe very courageous? How many current 17-year-olds would risk their lives to protect the lives of others? Yes, you wouldn’t want to put your son in harm’s way, what parent would, but what if it meant serving a higher cause?

Guns are only a problem when in the wrong hands, like the man who pointed a gun at Kyle. The real problems are liberal policies that have no bail, leftist DAs who prosecute cases based on one skin’s color, and politicians who care little for the safety of average Americans.

No, Kyle is not morally culpable for violence (put the blame where it belongs: liberal policies) and I doubt he will ever have any second thoughts about what he did. He was, as he stated, simply exercising his most basic right—the right to defend himself by force—something the mob cannot allow.

Will similar outcomes or worse increase after the Rittenhouse verdict? You can count on it as long as violent criminals are allowed to destroy our cities with impunity, policemen are not allowed to do their job, and citizens feel the need to fill the breach by all means necessary.



Igor Shpudejko