#RichKids of Beverly Hills: Rich Kids Cast Members in Their Latest Instagram Photos

January 24, 2014 Updated: July 18, 2015

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills television show premiered over the weekend, and people got a first, up close look at the stars of the show.

Here’s a look at the stars through their most recent posts on Instagram.

Dorothy Wang, the daughter of entrepreneur Roger Wang, who has a net worth of around $3 billion.

“Woke up to 100K followers today, and none of you were purchased!!” (Instagram/dorothywang) 

“So happy @miumiu was able to find this dress I’ve wanted for over 2 years!!! Now I feel like I can start planning my birthday!” (Instagram/dorothywang)

(With Morgan Stewart, another cast member) (Instagram/dorothywang)




Morgan Stewart, xxxxx.

“Baby daddy.” (Instagram/boobsandloubs__)

“This Sunday at 4:30 @cyclehouse join me and @spingalnichelle for a ride as we raise money for @theyoungandbrave ! An incredible organization that supports young people fighting cancer!” (Instagram/boobsandloubs_)


“Episode2 tonight at ten or seven, I really don’t know it’s confusing.” (with co-stars, including Brendan Fitzpatrick, far right). (Instagram/boobsandloubs_)

“The morning after @baguette.” (Instagram/boobsandloubs_)


Roxy Sowlaty, an interior designer who was given six unlimited credit cards by her parents, and spends $20,000 to $30,000 a month. However, during the first episode she was cut off.

(front row, left) “Can’t wait to relive cabo on Sunday on #richkids #tbt rkobh !!!” (Instagram/roxysowlaty)

“There’s a #lycheelou on my pillow @lycheelou” (Instagram/roxysowlaty)


“Work in progress.” (Instagram/roxysowlaty)

“Happiness.” (Instagram/roxysowlaty)


Jonny Drubel (left), a songwriter who says he’s “too classy” to say how rich he is.

“Sicily. One of my favorite places on earth. Can’t wait to go back!” (Instagram/jonnydrubel)

“Seeing all these pictures of @itsbaguette and @lycheelou are making me miss my puppies! #Sammy&Cooper” (Instagram/jonnydrubel)

“Love working with @boobsandloubs_ . Wearing all @ralphlauren” (Instagram/jonnydrubel)

“Writing session! Thank you @JoMaloneLondon for setting the mood :-)” (Instagram/jonnydrubel)

“Fresh cut and shave at @baxterfinley! Always my first stop after a long trip!” (Instagram/jonnydrubel)

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