Readers Express Views on Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement

December 15, 2012 Updated: December 16, 2012

The Epoch Times has received dozens of letters regarding the Canada-China Foreign Investment Protection Agreement. The following are excerpts from letters received the week of Dec. 9–15, 2012.

In the next few days, our sovereign right to guide our own future as a nation will be threatened. Our government is pushing through a trade agreement called the Foreign Investment Protection Act, or FIPA. This agreement gives companies in China the right to sue our government for making decisions that negatively affects foreign interests.

[…] In matters concerning foreign profits versus the will of the Canadian people, our sovereign right to legislate will be trumped by a secret tribunal. Stephen Harper is selling our sovereignty, and Canada needs to stop him.

Michael Bolton
Edmonton, Alberta

[…] Prime Minister Harper must protect Canadian democracy and natural resources from corporate greed. Now that Harper has allowed this damaging Nexen takeover, he must not pass the secretive and extreme FIPA.

Anna Labarias
Montreal, Quebec

I do not approve of deregulation of environmental controls, cuts to subsidies of important governmental bodies; I do not approve of the recent sale of the Canadian fossil fuel giant Nexen to the Chinese; and I do not approve of the proposed Canada-China FIPA agreement.

Alexander Jerabek

FIPA would be like NAFTA, but more dangerous. Canada has already spent hundreds of millions on penalties from lawsuits launched under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and is currently being sued by a U.S. corporation because Quebec placed a temporary moratorium on fracking to study its controversial health and safety impacts. If FIPA passes, the door will be open for CNOOC and other Chinese corporations to do even worse.

Melanie Gauthier
Vancouver, B.C.

Harper’s decision to let China buy Canadian tar sands is bad for Alberta, Canada, and the world. We have the capital and the technology, and do not need China taking control over our resources. Please put effort to stop him on this.

Amir Sepasi, Ph.D.
Edmonton, Alberta

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