Qantas Introduces Afterpay Option for Customers

July 7, 2020 Updated: July 7, 2020

Qantas has entered an alliance with Afterpay, allowing frequent flyers to earn points by using the deferred payment service.

In a statement on July 6, Qantas announced that frequent flyers can earn up to 5,000 points on linking their membership to their Afterpay account.

The deal is the latest boost for Afterpay, an alternate digital payment service that has benefitted from the shift to online shopping during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Over 15 percent of all online customers in Australia use Afterpay, the statement read.

It allows customers to buy something now and pay it off later in fortnightly installments, with no additional cost for customers. Afterpay does not conduct a credit check on customers, making it less stringent than credit cards.

Qantas Loyalty Chief Executive said the link-up would offer more options and rewards for their 13 million members.

Afterpay chief executive Anthony Eisen said connecting with one of Australia’s largest and most recognised loyalty programs would be a huge advantage to Afterpay customers.

“We are always looking for ways to add value for our customers and this partnership between two iconic Australian brands is a great way to reward them for shopping with Afterpay.

“Now our customers can earn Qantas Points on their purchases at no additional cost, just by using Afterpay as they normally would,” Eisen said.

Melbourne-based Afterpay has 8 million active customers accessing over 48,000 of the world’s best retailers. It has also expanded into New Zealand, the United States, and the UK—where it is called Clearpay—and is looking to launch in Canada.