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When the Plague Arrives | Documentary

A new documentary exploring plagues in the context of the story of humanity: “When the Plague Arrives”

Months into the pandemic, uncertainty still reigns. The reality is, humanity has survived epidemic diseases countless times, and of far deadlier magnitude. But we cannot survive this one if we lose our humanity, according to the new film by NTD Television.

Looking at plagues throughout history forced the filmmakers to look at the current pandemic with fresh eyes, according to an Epoch Times interview. In the documentary, producer Hyesoo Yoon uses a historical lens to explore how pandemics have shaped societies and civilizations through time—and up until today.

“It’s not just about this pandemic, it’s about how this pandemic fits into the story of humanity,” she said.


It appears all of a sudden, then disappears without a trace. Pandemics are as old as civilization itself, but no less mysterious each time. But public health lessons aren’t the only things we’ve learned. Looking back, through the perspective of literature, paintings, myths, and art, there is another pattern that emerges in humanity. “When Plague Arrives,” a new documentary film, explores these stories from history, and the choices we face today.

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