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5 Progressive Entities Control 98 Percent of the Processed Food Industry | Facts Matter

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In this episode, Roman sat down with “Papa” John Schnatter, founder of Papa John’s Pizza, to discuss why it seems like most public companies eventually turn progressive if they remain in business long enough. Schnatter attributes this phenomenon to a lack of courage on the part of business leaders who are more concerned with negative PR than with supporting their values.

Schnatter believes that progressives make up a vocal minority set on ruining America’s foundational traditions along with the minds of its children in a sinister plot to degrade the country to the point where Americans will be forced to turn toward supporting a globalist economy.

The conversation turned toward Schnatter’s thoughts on the potential for coming food shortages and price spikes while providing his recommendations for how we as Americans can reclaim our food autonomy from the handful of corporations that currently dominate the processed food industry.

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