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Left Silent on Anti-semitism; Vaccines vs. Natural Immunity; Memorial Day Inspiration

Anti-semitic attacks are on the rise—it’s happening online and on the streets, in America and around the world. But what you don’t see is a lot of pushback.

(2:32) Podcast host Charles Mizrahi questions why the progressive left is not outraged by all the displays of prejudice.

(9:41) Why did Facebook take down the page for the Jerusalem Prayer Team, a popular pro-Israel Christian group? The group’s founder Mike Evans tells us what happened.

(17:33) In our first America Q&A we ask for people’s top tips for a happy marriage.

(19:52) Vaccine passports—we hear about them almost constantly, but not about natural immunity. For people who’ve recovered from Covid, is it necessary to get a jab? Dr. Teryn Clarke has answers.

(36:49) On this Memorial Day weekend, America Q&A asks why it’s important to remember.

(39:35) Next, honoring the Seminole Indian Scouts who served with the cavalry in Texas 150 years ago. Lee Roy Young’s great-great-grandfather was one of them and won a Congressional Medal of Honor.

(47.40) Finally, we hear a new anthem written for veterans, by Takosha M. Swan. Her mission is to help uplift the spirits of vets during difficult times…times like Memorial Day weekend.