Pregnant Woman Run Over by Her Own Car in Oregon

October 30, 2017 Updated: October 30, 2017

A pregnant Oregon woman was dragged and run over by her own car on Sunday evening.

The 32-year-old woman and her 16-week-old fetus did not suffer life-threatening injuries despite at least one wheel of the car rolling over the woman’s chest, according to Detective Robert Rookhuyzen of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office who spoke to the Oregonian.

“That’s pretty fortunate,” Rookhuyzen said. “Even a little higher or lower and we’d have a different story.”

The retention wall where a pregnant woman’s 2011 Mazda Tribute came to rest on after running her over on Oct. 29, 2017, in Beaverton, Oregon. (Google Street View)

Authorities did not reveal the name of the woman, but said the incident occurred when her 2001 Mazda Tribute became disabled on Southwest Cedar Hills Boulevard in Washington County at around 7 p.m. on Oct. 29.

The woman’s sister and several children were in the vehicle when the car stalled near Walker Road, KXL reported.

The pregnant woman and her sister tried to push the vehicle off the road, but the Mazda was on a downward slope and began to roll back down the hill. The pregnant woman tried to jump back into her car but failed. The car then dragged her, knocked her down, and ran over her chest.

Circled, is the location where the pregnant woman’s 2011 Mazda Tribute came to a stop after running her over in Beaverton, Oregon, on Oct. 29, 2017. (Google Maps)

Police who arrived on the scene discovered the car hanging off a retention wall and the pregnant woman on the ground.

Authorities say the woman was rushed to a local hospital and is now recovering, AP reported.

Beaverton, Oregon. (Google Maps)

The incident occurred in the Cedar Hills neighborhood in Beaverton. Beaverton is a small city with a population 97,950 around 7 miles west of downtown Portland.

In April, a woman from New Mexico was killed by her own car, New York Post reported.

Police say Jill Thompson started her 1974 Plymouth Satellite when the car was in reverse. Thompson then went to open the gate of her garage. The vehicle started to roll back until it hit her and rolled over her body. Thompson was already dead when police arrived.

The investigators started the car and confirmed that the Plymouth was in reverse.

Last year, a woman was recorded being run over by her Honda CRV. A dashcam video shows the woman get out of her car after a fellow driver points out that her gas tank cover is open. As soon as she steps out of the car, the vehicle starts rolling forward. The woman attempted to get it but failed. The CRV appears to run over her ankle.


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