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Polina Nazaykinskaya: Symphony No. 1 ‘April Song’

Performed by the Concert Symphony Orchestra (Minsk, Belarus), conducted by Yury Karavaev at the Belorussian Philharmonic Hall on Feb. 22, 2020.

Festival in memory of Alena Tsegalko, organized by Anna Lenkova

Symphony No. 1 “April Song” program note:
My First Symphony traces a journey of the human spirit in search of personal freedom, solace, and eternal love. The trials and tribulations of doubt culminate in a struggle to find inner peace, as the illusion of happiness crumbles and a sense of direction is lost. Anticipation of a new dawn presses against the limits of despair. With the rebirth of nature after a dreadful winter’s spell, the inner doubts start to dissipate and open a pathway toward greater acceptance and gratitude. The spirit is able to break from the shackles of hopelessness and rise as the phoenix from the ashes.

Polina Nazaykinskaya:


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