Police: High School Student Hit, Killed by Car

March 27, 2018 Updated: March 27, 2018

A 15-year-old girl was hit and killed by a vehicle on Tuesday morning, March 27, as she was trying to catch the bus.

The girl, a student at Olympic High School, reportedly missed the bus and was running to catch up with it when she was fatally struck by the driver of a 2017 Nissan Murano.

Students on the bus witnessed the incident, neighbors told WBTV.

Officers responded to the crash at about 6:04 a.m. at the intersection of Youngblood Road at Buckthorne Ridge Lane, according to a press release from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police (CMS).

The girl, whose identity had not been released yet, was pronounced deceased by medical personnel, as a result of the injuries sustained from the crash.

Police are still investigating the crash. It’s unclear yet if the driver of the Nissan will be facing any charges.

“Speed does not appear to be a contributing factor in the crash,” police said in the news release.

The driver, identified as Kevin Michael Signer, did not suffer from any injuries.

He stayed at the scene of the crash as well, WBTV reported.

According to WSO-TV reporter Mark Barber, parents have complained in the past about the lack of lighting on the road.

Police said the roadway does not have any overhead street lights and that the girl was not wearing any clothing that was reflective. The section of the roadway also had no crosswalks or pedestrian signals.

Counseling and grief support services are being offered for the family of the girl and for the broader school community.

“Our students embody our community’s hopes for the future and we join together today and in the coming weeks to offer comfort, support and sympathy during this difficult time,”  a CMS statement said.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Reibold at 704-432-2169.

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