Police Find Crocodile in Russian Basement During Weapons Raid

January 21, 2018 Updated: January 21, 2018

Authorities made an unexpected discovery this week after they were searching a home for weapons.

Police officers made the bizarre encounter during a weapons raid operation on Thursday, Jan. 18, at an apartment building in St. Petersburg, Russia, Sky News reported.

When officers ventured down to the bottom of the apartment they found a crocodile resting by itself in a small pool of water.

The pool of water was formed by a small hole dug into the concrete basement, according to ABC13. The home’s owner had owned the beast for years already.

The crocodile, spanning 6 and a half feet long began to emerge from the pool, before going back in the water soon after.

Luckily no one was reportedly hurt in the incident.

Russian police had earlier arrested a 40-year old man on suspicion of illegal possession of weapons. They had found ammunition in the house during the search before they entered the basement, according to Sky News.

Residents in the area said the owner, whose name was not released, had at least four other reptiles. The one in question appeared to be a Nile crocodile according to local media reports.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement that during the search “no incidents related to the reptile occurred.”

“The police reported this fact to the veterinary service to decide the crocodile’s fate,” the statement continued, according to Sky News.

It’s unclear what authorities ended up doing with the crocodile.

The Nile Crocodiles are Africa’s largest freshwater predator according to National Geographic. They are able to live up to 100 years and can reach 20 feet in length, while also having the ability to take down everything from hippos to humans.

Between January 2008 and October 2013, over 300 people were victims of fatal Nile crocodile attacks, according to the world-wide crocodilian-attack database, CrocBITE.

On Friday, city prosecutors said they were checking if the man was following local laws.

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