Police Chief, on Job for 3 Weeks, Fatally Shot at Ohio Nursing Home

May 12, 2017 Updated: May 12, 2017

A police chief in a central Ohio town, on the job for just three weeks, was among four people fatally shot on Friday morning at a nursing and rehabilitation home, officials said.

Steven Eric Disario, 36, was killed as he responded to a shooting in Kirkersville, Ohio, Licking County Sheriff Randy Thorp said on Friday.

Two employees and the shooter were also killed, Throp said. None of the three were identified and there was no motive for the shooting immediately known. It is unclear how the shooter gained access to the building, which was usually secured, Thorp said. Some 23 residents in the nursing and rehabilitation home, identified by local media as the Pine Kirk Care Center, were evacuated to local hospitals, and none were injured, Thorp said.

Kirkersville is a village in central Ohio with a population of around 500. Disario, a father of six who was expecting another child, had only been police chief for around three weeks, Thorp said.