Police: $40 Million Yacht Owned by Betsy DeVos’s Family Untied, Gets Damaged

July 26, 2018 Updated: July 27, 2018

An unknown saboteur untied a $40 million yacht reportedly owned by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s family from its dock last weekend, the Huron Police Department said.

The Yacht, named Seaquest, was previously moored at the Huron Boat Basin at 330 Main St., Huron, Ohio, before the captain alerted police around 6 a.m. on Sunday, July 22, to report it had been “untied from the dock and was adrift.”According to a record of the police report, officer James L. Bowens responded to the call.

Captain Quintynn Botha told the officer that crew members woke up at sunrise to find the boat untied.

“They were able to regain control of the ship but not before it struck the dock with its Starboard forward section,” Bowens wrote in the official police report. “He showed me the damage which consisted of several large scratches and scrapes.”

Botha estimated the damage caused to the yacht could cost between $5,000 and $10,000 to repair. He also told police that the crew found nothing suspicious the night before the boat was untied.

Seaquest is 163 ft long andcan reportedly accommodate 12 guests and 12 crew, according to boating website Super Yacht Fan.

No injuries were reported and the investigation is still ongoing. Officer Bowens is in the process of obtaining surveillance footage of the incident, according to the police report.

“The concern from the city’s standpoint is that’s a very expensive yacht and we want to show the patrons who come to the city that we’ll provide good service,” Huron City manager Andy White told The Sandusky Register. “This is a blemish on the city and we’d rather do without and we’ll seek to have justice done for this act.”

As of July 26, no suspect or person of interest had been named by police.

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