Couple’s Desperate Plea to Find Dog ‘Stolen for Fighting’ Goes Viral

By John Smithies, Epoch Times
November 13, 2017 Updated: November 13, 2017

A heartbroken British couple has started a social media campaign to find their beloved dog, fearing that it may have been stolen for fighting.

Lottie, a blue Staffordshire bull terrier disappeared from the owners’ back garden over two weeks ago.

Now, owners, Paul and Lorraine Moores are offering a £1,000 reward for Lottie’s return. Over 90,000 people have shared Facebook posts asking for help in just five days.

Paul told the Manchester Evening News: “Lottie is very friendly and would go to anyone, she is a bit of a showgirl and loves attention.

“We are devastated, it is like a member of the family has been taken.

“She is a very attractive dog and could have been taken for breeding as whoever took her may not have known she’s been spayed, or, more sinisterly, stolen for fighting.

“It has hit my wife very hard,” he said, describing the people who stole Lottie as”despicable”.

Paul Moores is appealing to find dog Lottie (Lorraine Moores)

Lottie was taken on Oct. 27 from their home in the town of Marple, Stockport, and has not been sighted since. Paul believes she may have been taken out of the area.

“Lottie is valuable, both in monetary terms and emotionally,” he told the MEN. “We just hope someone, somewhere has their conscience pricked.

“But the more time goes by, you start to fear that you are never going to see her again and you have to try and remain positive.”

On Nov. 13 Lorraine wrote on Facebook: “17 days ago our precious girl was taken from us. 17 days of total heartbreak and pain for me and my family. Lottie is the heart of our family and without her, we are not complete, this horrible act is leaving a huge hole in my heart and those of the people I love most.”

Lottie has been missing since October 27 (Lorraine Moores)

The couple’s son, Jonathan Moores wrote an emotional Facebook post on Nov. 8 that attracted over 90,000 shares.

“There’s not a single minute of the day goes by when this beautiful girl isn’t in our minds,” he wrote. “It’s totally heartbreaking and all-consuming.”

He encouraged social media users to keep helping and sharing their posts. “All it takes is for that one person to recognise her,” he wrote.

Greater Manchester Police have now also shared the appeal on Facebook.

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