Photographer Comes Under Attack From Bull Elk

May 10, 2019 Updated: May 20, 2019

An amazing video has gone viral online showing the moment a wildlife photographer gets more than he bargained for when photographing wild elk in the American wilderness.

The video starts with the photographer sitting on the floor forehead to forehead with the animal and the bull elk rubbing his sharp and dangerous looking horns close to his face.

We watch in horror as the elk repeatedly headbutts the man, it’s antlers pushing and prodding the man’s hat menacingly and on many occasions moving dangerously close to the man’s eyes and nose

Somehow the photographer remains calm throughout the ordeal and even manages to reach up and take a few close up snaps of the animal during the scant moments when it is calm.

With the encounter seemingly over, the elk moves around and away from the still sitting photographer but as the camera is swung back in its direction, it returns to the man and begins to push its head even more forcibly and dangerously into his forehead.

Finally, the photographer has obviously had enough and jumps to his feet, forcing the elk to back off. He then moves towards an awaiting car and gets in, the deer looking on bemused and maybe a little happy that it has won the encounter.

But the animal hasn’t finished yet and begins to rut against the photographers back pack which is still lying on the floor by the side of the road. The man then drives his car towards the rucksack forcing the animal to back away further before he leaves the safety of the vehicle and retrieves his belongings and drives off.

Credit: Newsflare