Personal Info Leaked on LA County Food Truck Owners

By City News Service
City News Service
City News Service
August 24, 2022 Updated: August 24, 2022

LOS ANGELES—Personal information about the operators of hundreds of food trucks or other mobile-food facilities that underwent health inspections over the past two years was erroneously posted on the county Department of Public Health’s website, the county announced Aug. 24.

The information—including names, driver’s license numbers, and possibly dates of birth—has since been removed from the Environmental Health Division’s website, but county officials said they have been working to contact people who were affected.

It was not immediately clear when the information was posted or how long it was publicly accessible online, but county officials said the release affected operators of 806 facilities that underwent environmental health inspections between July 1, 2020, and July 29, 2022.

“Although Public Health does not have any indication that any personal information of Mobile Food Facility Persons-In-Charge or Permittees was or may be used for identity theft, we encourage anyone whose information was included to take steps to protect against identity theft,” according to a statement from the county.

Anyone who believes their information may have been compromised was urged to call the county at 888-700-9995 to determine if they were impacted by the inappropriate posting.

County officials said the agency has retrained its workforce “on the relevant policies and procedures and provided additional training to prevent future incidents.”