People's Liberation Army Daily: Persist in the Party's Absolute Leadership of the Army

September 27, 2007 Updated: September 27, 2007

On September 21, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Daily published an article entitled “Continuing to Advance the New Great Project for the Party's Construction.” The article says, “at the new historical starting point, we should advance the Party's construction in the army, persist in the Party's absolute leadership of the army, uphold the Party's flag as the army's flag, and take the Party's will as the army's will. We shall firmly implement the fundamental principles and system that the Party leads the army, and firmly accomplish all tasks given by the Party.”

The article states the Communist Party's construction in the army is an important part of the “new great project.” Since the Party's 16th Congress, the entire army and armed police have firmly implemented the decisions made by the Central Party Committee and the Central Military Commission.

The article also quoted Hu Jintao's speech when celebrating the 80th anniversary of the PLA's establishment, “To strengthen the army's ideological and political construction, the most fundamental is persisting in the Party's absolute leadership of the army, and persist in serving the people wholeheartedly. These two principles determine the nature and direction of the PLA and success of the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics.”