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Peaceful Zither Music Portrays a Beautiful Moonlit Lake | Musical Moments

“Autumn Moon over Calm Lake,” also known as “Intoxication in Peace,” is a masterpiece of Guangdong music master Lyu Wencheng. It’s said that the piece was developed from the “Joyous Song” in the eight big sets of Jiangnan Sizhu (southern Chinese string and woodwind music). This song is widely circulated in Cantonese opera music.

In the 1930s, Lyu Wencheng visited the West Lake in Hangzhou during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The beautiful scenery made him feel deeply moved and touched, so he created this song depicting the scenery of the West Lake on a moonlit night, praising the beauty of nature, and the soft and beautiful tunes expressing his feelings about the beauty of the West Lake.

This is one of the most famous pieces of Cantonese music. The music has a beautiful, smooth melody, with an enchanting artistic charm. The tune adopts the folk music of Zhejiang, but also has the style of Cantonese music, depicting the beautiful scenery of the evening breeze, the water waves, and the quiet autumn night of the moon.

Title: Autumn Moon over Calm Lake
Composer: Lyu Wencheng
Zither Performer: June Chen
Mixing: Joseph Ma

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