Pastor: Ivanka Trump Donated $50,000 to Megachurch Caring for Migrant Children

June 27, 2018 Updated: June 28, 2018

President Donald Trump’s daughter and senior adviser Ivanka Trump donated $50,000 to a megachurch that was caring for immigrant children.

Trump made the hefty donation not long after Pastor Jack Graham wrote on Twitter about their work at the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas.

“We @Prestonwood are currently working to provide solutions to care for children during this terrible immigration crisis,” Graham said on June 19. “Our Espanol ministry let [sic] by Gilberto Corredera is stepping up to the challenge to express the love of Jesus. We are broken-hearted and determined to act.”

Graham revealed Trump’s kind deed during Sunday service on June 24.

“I was shocked a little tweet would get a donation—I didn’t even ask for a donation,” Graham said at Prestonwood. “But I’m not surprised that she did it, and she sent an extremely generous donation to our church to invest in our work down on the border with the immigration crisis.”

Graham praised the act, calling it a “testimony to all of us to give” and described Trump as a “very strong leader” and a “dynamic person.”

On June 20, Trump signed an executive order to prevent families from being separated upon detainment at the border.

The executive order asked for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to promptly file a request to the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California to modify the Flores Settlement Agreement. Trump asked Sessions to request a change to the 1997 Clinton-era Flores agreement that would permit the Department of Homeland Security to detain families together throughout their criminal proceedings for improper entry, or for any removal or other immigration proceedings—under present resource constraints. The exception would be if a child’s welfare was at risk.

The news comes after a June 21 Rasmussen poll found that 54 percent of likely U.S. voters say the parents are more to blame than the federal government for the border children crisis because they are the ones who broke the law. Only 35 percent blamed the federal government.


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