Possible Instagram Change Scares Users Into ‘Post Notification’ Frenzy

March 28, 2016 Updated: March 29, 2016

On March 15, Instagram released a statement about one of the things that the majority of its users have expressed serious disdain over; change.

For the longest time, the photo-sharing application has been consistent with its timely visual enhancements; whether it be moving the timestamp, redesigning the video view feature or changing the effect of the ‘like’ option—but it’s never affected the way its users viewed the content itself.

My tastes, interests and curiosities change every day; if I’m not even sure what’s relevant to me, how will you know?
— John Mayer, singer-songwriter

Now, since Instagram released their algorithmic-change statement, angry users, keyboard warriors, and conspiracy theorists alike have concluded (in a rumor-like fashion) that the March 28 update will bring the end of days for the Instagram we’ve all known and loved.

Users have been spamming in a frenzied fashion news feeds or ‘timelines’ across the world, asking their followers to click the tiny ellipses in the upper right hand corner and select the “Turn On Post Notifications” option—hoping (prematurely) that this option will allow their followers to see their posts in the timely order they were posted.

Well, they were wrong—somewhat.

On March 28, Instagram released a new statement (a tweet) saying nothing is changing with their user’s feeds, however, they finished that sentence with “right now”—causing the internet to melt, yet again.

Many users on both Twitter and Instagram took to social media to claim their stance on the updates to come; the vast majority taking the “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” side of the argument.

Singer-songwriter John Mayer even took to the platform to express his disagreement with the platform’s aforementioned change in their algorithm, check it out below:

Along with Mayer (who raises a valid point), dozens of other internet sensations sounded off on the expected changes to the app—but who is correct in the matter?

Should Instagram change it’s algorithm, and freshen up its approach to how its users view their posts?

Or are you on the “Turn Post Notifications On,” “ain’t broke, don’t fix it” team, believing the “Gram” should stay the same?

Ultimately, it seems the cries (and prayers) from millions of Instagram users have worked, so continue to voice your opinions because we know the developers are listening—at least for “right now.”